SIV Biome Balancing Serum: The Key to Your Skin’s Health

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Catie Koraleski

June 30, 2024

A new month brings a fresh new product to celebrate and this one is quickly becoming one of my staples! SIV Biome Balancing Serum is a one of a kind serum that uses bacillus spores to help support your skin’s health. We hear about our gut’s microbiome all the time, but did you know your skin has its own microbiome? It’s true!

What is the microbiome and what does it do?

The surface of your skin is home to various types of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that determine the health of your skin. It acts as a line of defense by destroying disease causing pathogens, aids in immunity, and reinforces the barrier of your skin. We previously discussed the barrier and skin’s health in my ‘Dealing with Sensitive Skin?’ blog post, linked here. As a fresher, the barrier of your skin creates a literal barrier to keep the good things in your skin and the bad things out. Most notably, having a healthy barrier prevents TEWL, or transepidermal water loss. TEWL occurs when your barrier is compromised and the precious water your skin desperately needs begins to evaporate. This leads to sensitization, inflammation, irritation, and disfunction of the skin. Having a healthy barrier is key to bright, happy skin, but a balanced microbiome is essential to making that happen.

How does SIV work?

SIV’s unique formula supports balance by adapting to your skin’s own biome. This helps to calm and soothe irritated, sensitized skin. It also helps to increase the resilience of your skin and promotes a bright, glowing complexion. SIV utilizes bacillus spores to bring your skin back to homeostasis through a process called quorum sensing. Quorum sensing is cell-to-cell communication use to detect microbial signatures on the skin. The bacillus spores are dormant in the formula until applied to the skin. Once activated by the heat, oil, and water in your skin, the spores can detect if there are overgrown microbial strains and will target them to bring them back to a balanced state. The spores facilitate the growth of other beneficial strains, leading to a well balanced microbiome.

The Results

SIV’s Instagram and website have great before and after examples that you can check out, but I wanted to share my own experience. When I first started using SIV, my skin felt very dull and lackluster. I was breaking out constantly and my skin was just so irritated all the time. At first, I was skeptical, but I started using the product and immediately saw a different in the overall appearance of my skin. Upon application, this serum gives you a serious glow. I mean, you’re like REALLY glowing, which I personally love. It feels velvety on the skin and made my dry skin feel more hydrated. After a few weeks, I began noticing more differences, like a more even complexion and less acne breakouts. This had me convinced that it was a great product and I needed to make it available to my clients. But more recently, I’ve been dealing with an interesting skin issue and SIV has completely changed the game for me.

My skin’s health

Long time followers will know this about me, but I deal with a lot of mysterious and not well understood health issues. I’ve had POTS for 5+ years now and am finding now that I may also have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. This basically means that my body releases a lot of histamine and it causes me to have allergic reactions. I’m quite lucky as mine seems to be relatively minor, but I’ve been experiencing more frequent symptoms lately. One of these symptoms is itchy skin. It’s so itchy that I scratch my skin until it’s raw and leaves marks. After talking to the CEO of SIV, Isabel, I decided to try applying SIV to the affected areas. With only one application, I saw a huge improvement in the appearance of the marks. After two applications, the itching mostly subsided. This had been going on for days and I was so miserable. But I’ve been blown away by how well this product has been working for me. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin’s health.

How to Use SIV

If you’re struggling with an inflammatory skin condition like acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc., you need to try this product. Even if you don’t have these concerns and just want to maintain a healthier complexion. Just apply 2-3 drops over damp skin (I use after my CBD Skin Mist by Glymed) and allow it to dry before applying your serums. Follow with moisturizer and SPF and you’re good to go!

These are my personal results from using SIV over my allergic reaction. The top photo is from 6/28/24 and the bottom is from 6/29/24. There are not even 24 hours between these photos. The overall tone and appearance of my skin has improved so much in such a short time, and it’s all thanks to those sweet little bacillus spores.

As always, if you’re not sure if this product is right for you, you can book an appointment with me here. I offer virtual consultations and check ins as well, so if you’re not local or are not able to come in for treatments, virtual is a great option. Don’t let your skin’s health suffer. Let me help you!

I will share some more before and afters directly from SIV so you can see the true power of this serum.

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