Product of the Month: PRO C4 Retinol Serum

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Catie Koraleski

June 3, 2024

Retinoids were the focus of this month’s ingredients blog post so it feels fitting for the product of the month to be my favorite retinol. As we learned, retinoids are powerhouse ingredients that are necessary for igniting change within the skin. The main benefits of these products are smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, and texture, brightening hyperpigmentation, providing antioxidant support, and creating fresh collagen and elastin in the skin. We also discussed the common side effects that go along with retinoids such as redness, flaking, and irritation. I personally believe that you don’t need the most aggressive product to achieve your goals. This is why Lira’s PRO C4 Retinol Serum is the perfect starting point when trying out retinoids.

Why Lira’s C4 Retinol Serum?

When starting out a retinol serum, there are a few things I look for. First, what type of retinoid is it? This can give me an idea of how strong the formula is. Second, what other ingredients are included and how will they aid in targeting my goals? Third, what type of packaging is it in? When dealing with antioxidants, I want an opaque bottle to make sure the product doesn’t oxidize before reaching my skin. Bonus points if it’s in an airtight container!

The C4 Retinol Serum is a great option if you’re new to retinoids because it’s gentle yet highly effective. While retinol is the star ingredient, this product contains 4 different forms of Vitamin C, licorice extract, and plant stem cells. We’ve previously spoken about Vitamin C so if you’d like to learn more, check out this blog post.

Licorice Extract

Licorice Extract, shown as Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate in the ingredient deck, is a botanical extract that aids in brightening the skin. It’s considered to be one of the safest brightening ingredients with minimal side effects. Licorice extract and Vitamin C are two ingredients that target any pigment concerns you may have. I prefer a formula like this that contains natural brighteners to target my goals.

Swiss Apple Plant Stem Cells

Plant stem cells have become a trendy ingredient in skincare and for good reason. These stem cells have a variety of benefits. Swiss Apple PSC were actually the first ingredient based on plant stem cells on the market. They are derived from the Uttwiler Sp├Ątlauber apple. This apple is unique because it has the ability to be stored for a longer period of time without rotting. These apples are very resilient and can survive in harsh conditions. It’s believed that these stem cells aid in getting the apples fresh and firm. In cosmetics, these stem cells can act as an antioxidant to protect the cells from free radical damage and keep your skin looking youthful and bright. Swiss Apple plant stem cells have been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crows feet that have already formed in the skin.

Alpine Rose Plant Stem Cells

Like Swiss Apple, Alpine Roses have the ability to thrive in severe conditions. Because of this, they provide regenerative benefits to the skin. Alpine Rose PSC provide protection against free radicals and UV damage and can help support the health of your skin’s barrier. Having an intact and healthy barrier is essential for preventing side effects from retinoid usage. These PSC also give your skin’s collagen producing processes a boost for more effective treatment and support.

Sea Fennel Plant Stem Cells

Sea Fennel PSC have a multitude of benefits for the skin. Lira has nicknamed this powerful ingredient the “retinol of the sea” thanks to it’s anti-aging and brightening capabilities. This ingredient has also been shown to aid in regulating sebaceous activity, which is a great bonus for oilier skin types. Additionally, Sea Fennel PSC are rich in amino acids and minerals that provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support so your skin can truly thrive. These plant stem cells manage the melanin in your skin by repairing damage to the melanocytes. Melanocytes are the cells that produce melanin and give your skin color. Sea fennel aids in regulating the process of creating melanin. This helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and even out the complexion, leaving you with a beautiful glow.

The Bottom Line on the C4 Retinol Serum

The Lira PRO C4 Retinol Serum checks off all the boxes for a good retinol in my book. It’s beautifully formulated with ingredients that aid in creating better function and structure within your skin and is a great first retinol if you’re just getting started. I recommend starting out with using this product 2-3 nights per week and build up to every other night, or even daily application. You can expect to see results within 12 weeks of continued use. Finally, make sure you’re also applying and reapplying SPF throughout the day to make sure your skin is fully protected. If you haven’t yet, have you tried our Amarte Ultra Veil SPF 50? These products paired together will keep your skin fresh, glowing, and healthy. For more information about the Amarte SPF, check out this blog post.

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